Travellers should do extensive research while they plan to travel for their destination. UAE is a conservative place. It has embraced the practices of other communities but compactly and strictly. Visiting UAE or any of its emirate can be a daunting task if you indulge in something that will make the local authority lock horns with you.

Many first-timers are under the impression that a city like Dubai with pristine beaches and all the happenings of a cosmopolitan is as open as other European or western countries. But, my friend the answer is no. While applying for a Dubai visa, visitors should seek complete guidance about the do’s and don’t’s of the city.

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Many are mistaken and carry illicit things with them or do offensive things that are considered as a crime in the country.

Allow me to guide you through this. 

Be alert while packing

While packing your bags, some items can land you in serious trouble in Dubai like pork, porn DVD’s and drugs. There are pieces of evidences of previously visited people who have faced sentences in prison and heavy fines.  The famous DJ Raymond Bingham was punished with 4 years in Dubai prison as DJ Grooverider was carrying forgotten cannabis in his pockets.

After receiving a special pardon, he was released back to his home country. Having said that, even some medicines can create a problem at the airport. Ask your visa service provider to guide you through this or call the embassy for guidelines. 

Decent Dressing

The beliefs and practices of the locals are conservative. Coming from a Muslim background, women are expected to dress appropriately covering their arms and legs. Swimwear is allowed only on the beaches and pool sides. Naked sun bathing is prohibited. A raid carried out in 2008 on the beaches landed 80 people behind the bars. Men are expected to dress modestly covering their legs and arms. Crossdressing of tourists is extremely intolerable.

No public eating

During the holy month of Ramadan, you have to take care of not eating out in public. Not even munching a gum is allowed. As a tourist, you should respect the norms the country follows. Many visitors and couples have been fined and arrested for consuming food and drinks in public during this holy month. You can always sit inside a restaurant and enjoy your meal to respect those fasting around you.

Couple restraints

According to the UAE Law, only those who have officially toed a know are allowed to share bed or indulge in sex. You might not be asked for proof of marriage while checking in to a hotel. But this is of high concern to the local government. Few arrests have been made in 2016 who have violated this norm.

Do not tell

The country does not recognize gay tourists so do not disclose too. This is the only way to travel and enjoy your stay in Dubai. But remember, homosexuality is illegal here.


Holding the hands of your partner or indulging in intimate moments in public is a big no here. It is considered inappropriate behavior and an insult to the local community. In 2005, a local woman complained about a couple kissing in a restaurant. This landed the couple in a month-long jail.

With just keeping in mind the above, you can enjoy your stay in Dubai as it is an amazing place.

Travel Safe!