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Now, an Online Sharjah visa is attainable in moments with an Insta UAE Visa. Explore new destinations with simplified visa procedures that operate within secure online systems. Allow technology to simplify Sharjah trips, saving time and money with superfast visa processing and effortless procedures. Sharjah tourism is now accessible with 24x7 services.

Sharjah- Bridging the Past to the Present, Crafting a Future.

Sharjah, a very conservative city, may require you to abstain from alcohol for 2-3 days. However, this is well worth it as the city offers a rich heritage worth experiencing. UNESCO has recognized Sharjah as the Capital of Islamic Culture, and it boasts many heritage sites, such as the Sharjah Heritage Area and Mleiha Archaeological Site, which are prime examples of well-preserved heritage sites.

If you're looking for a convenient way to get to Sharjah from Dubai, a drive-by rental or shuttle service would be a good option. Once there, check out the impressive Sharjah Fort, where a row of cannons greets visitors. Additionally, Al Qasba is an excellent place for kids to have fun. Finally, don't miss out on The Rain Room in Sharjah, where you can experience how to remain dry in the rain.

Calligraphy enthusiasts can enjoy Sharjah Calligraphy Museum and eL Seed Calligraffiti.

The Sharjah Art Museum is well-known for being a centre of Islamic culture and attracts thousands of visitors. You can also experience the ancient and authentic atmosphere of old Arab homes in the alleys of the Sharjah Heritage Area.


Sharjah Fort bears witness to the challenges of defending one's homeland from pirate invasions. Sharjah Desert Park is a magical place for children and those seeking to learn. Explore the Emirate's rich history by visiting the Sharjah Archaeological Museum and other museums.

Hop on to Kalba to enjoy stunning water views. Don't miss the Al-Noor Mosque, open to non-Muslims.

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