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Sharjah Tourist Visa - Where the Sands of Time Whisper Tales of Heritage and Innovation.

Sharjah, often called the "Twin City" of Dubai, is a peaceful oasis. Nestled just 30 kilometres from Dubai, its glitzy neighbour usually overshadows Sharjah, but this city has all its charm and character. Imagine walking in the narrow alleys in bustling souks (Market), where the scent of spices hangs heavy in the air, and the sound of merchants haggling fills the streets. Intricating right? Authenticity is not just a word for Sharjah - It's a way of life for people here.

Sharjah is known as the cultural heart of the UAE and stands by it. You'll find a melting pot of culture and tradition during your visit. The people here are warm and welcoming, eager to share their heritage with Sharjah visa holders worldwide. You can simply sip sweet chai with locals in a traditional cafe or admire the intricate Arabic calligraphy in one of the city's museums. Sharjah tourists have always described the city as where history comes alive.


But let's not mistake it with that Sharjah is only stuck in the past – It's a city on the move that embraces modernity while staying true to its roots. Or we would rather say, "Sharjah is conservative in modern Islamic society and modern in conservative Islamic society." Here, you'll find cutting-edge art galleries showcasing local talent and lively street festivals celebrating Emirati culture. Sharjah is always buzzing with new and exciting experiences for its visitors! So, get a Sharjah tourist visa to witness it with your own eyes as soon as possible!

Sharjah is beyond the city limits. Nature lovers will find Sharjah equally enticing, with its pristine beaches, rugged mountains, and vast desert dunes awaiting exploration. The place is perfect for adrenaline junkies looking for adventure or nature lovers seeking tranquillity! So, pay attention to Sharjah on your next trip to the UAE. It may not have the glitz and glamour of Dubai, but what it lacks in a flash, it more than makes up for in authenticity and charm. Apply for a Sharjah visa online today and see why Sharjah is truly a hidden gem of the Middle East.

The Ruler, The Legacy and The Economy

Sharjah has a rich history that dates back centuries. It has been a centre of trade and culture, known for its bustling markets and beautiful mosques. The Al Qasimi dynasty has been guardians of Sharjah's rich heritage and cultural identity for centuries. This esteemed family has played a pivotal role in shaping the emirate's history and development.

At the helm of Sharjah's transformation is His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, who has ruled Sharjah since 1972. His Highness is a visionary leader, respected scholar, and historian. He recognised the potential of tourism as a critical driver of economic growth and implemented several initiatives to enhance Sharjah's appeal as a tourist destination for the Sharjah visit owners.

  • Development of Cultural and Heritage Attractions- His Highness restored historical sites like the Sharjah Fort and the Heritage Area. This initiative preserves Sharjah's rich history and attracts visitors interested in its cultural heritage.
  • Promotion of Cultural Heritage Through Events- His Highness has focused on showcasing Sharjah's cultural heritage through events and festivals. The Sharjah Light Festival, Heritage Days, and the Sharjah International Book Fair are prime cultural events that draw tourists worldwide.
  • Infrastructure Development for Enhanced Tourism- To improve the tourism experience, His Highness has invested in infrastructure development. This includes the construction of luxury hotels, shopping malls, and entertainment complexes, making Sharjah more appealing to domestic and international tourists.

This effort to make Sharjah one of the most applied UAE visa application forms by tourists has not gone unnoticed. The emirate has received several prestigious tourism awards and has seen a steady increase in tourist arrivals. Today, Sharjah has grown significantly under his rule and contributes 7.5% to the UAE GDP.

Documents Required for Sharjah Visa - Passport, Immigration, Visa and other practical documental information

Now that you have finally planned to explore Sharjah, here are some of the essential details that you need to know;

Passport Requirements:

Your passport must be valid for at least six months from your arrival date in the country. Ensure you have sufficient blank pages for any entry stamps or visas. If your passport will expire, renew it well before your travel to avoid any last-minute nuisances.

Visa Requirements:

Visa requirements vary depending on your nationality. Some nationalities may require obtaining a visa before arrival. Moreover, the documents necessary are a passport and a passport-size photograph. If you plan to stay more than 30 days, apply for a visa extension within the UAE. But what about the type of Sharjah visa?

Types of Sharjah Visa

Perfect for travellers with extended layovers, this visa allows a 96-hour stay within a 6-month validity period. Explore Sharjah's charm while waiting for your connecting flight. (Processing time: 24-72 hours)
Ideal for quick getaways, this Sharjah visa grants a 14-day stay with a single entry, perfect for a whirlwind tour of Sharjah's must-sees. (Validity: 60 days, Processing time: 24-72 hours)
This visa caters to those attending events, visiting family, or conducting short-term business. Enjoy a 30-day stay with a single entry. (Validity: 60 days, Processing time: 24-72 hours)
This Sharjah visa offers a 30-day stay with multiple entries within a 60-day validity period for travellers planning to explore Sharjah and neighbouring emirates. (Processing time: 24-72 hours)
Immerse yourself in Sharjah's culture and heritage with this visa, offering a 60-day stay with a single entry. (Validity: 60 days, Processing time: 24-72 hours)
This Sharjah visa is ideal for those seeking maximum flexibility. Enjoy a 60-day stay with multiple entries, allowing you to explore Sharjah at your own pace and revisit as many times as desired within the validity period. (Validity: 60 days, Processing time: 24-72 hours)

Important things to know before you visit Sharjah - sharjah visa online

Before stepping into Sharjah or filling out a UAE visa application form, you must keep a few things in mind to avoid future grievances.

  • Dress Modestly: Sharjah is a conservative emirate. Opt for loose-fitting clothing that covers shoulders and knees for both men and women, especially in public areas and government buildings.
  • Greetings & Etiquette: A friendly smile and a handshake are customary greetings. Accept Arabic coffee (kawa) with your right hand when offered Arabic coffee.
  • Public Displays of Affection (PDA): Sharjah is conservative, so avoid overly affectionate behaviour in public.
  • Weekend Switch: The UAE weekend falls on Friday and Saturday, so plan your excursions accordingly.
  • Photography Etiquette: It's generally okay to take photographs, but respect privacy. Avoid taking pictures of people without their permission, and refrain from photographing restricted areas.
  • Call to Prayer: Sharjah observes Islamic prayer times. Expect shops and restaurants to close briefly during these times.
  • Alcohol Restrictions: Sharjah is a dry emirate, meaning alcohol consumption and purchase are prohibited.

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