Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

To set a new benchmark in UAE travel and visa processing by delivering customer-centric and result-driven services.

The following Privacy Policy for aims to inform users how their data is processed and used.

To safeguard the privacy of our customers, suitable checks and procedures are maintained. On this website, every piece of information you share is encrypted. Check this page frequently for updated privacy rules as these will be updated on a regular basis. You accept the terms of our privacy statement and terms and conditions by using our website. This statement may be expanded upon or changed at any time by

Information Collected will collect data when a user visits information retrieved from the Contact Us page will be used only to contact the user and respond to his or her inquiries. By utilizing the "contact us" feature of the website, you may obtain a copy of the User Data (if any) that maintains about you, subject to the provisions of applicable law and for a nominal fee. Please contact us if you want to deactivate, delete, or modify the User Data, or if you wish to discover what User Data (if any) may be holding about you. There will be no sale of user information to a third party. Information shared on will not be disclosed outside of the organization, with the exception of service-related matters.

Your Consent: By utilizing, you grant permission to process and transmit the User Data for the aforementioned purposes and to provide you with and enable you to use the site.

By completing the form on our website with personal and contact information, customers grant permission to contact them regarding sales promotions or additional information regarding visa-related services.
The collection of any information from or regarding customers is used solely to enhance the quality of service provided.

The information is withheld from third parties unless the consumer specifically grants permission for its release. We will safeguard any information you provide to ensure its complete confidentiality and prevent any unauthorized use.


The use of cookies helps to perform the functioning at a rapid pace, thus allowing users to have a better user experience. Hence, our site uses cookies to let users have a better user experience.

By definition, a cookie is a permission-based small file that resides on your computer in order to provide you with a more personalized experience and to gain a better understanding of you. The traffic monitor cookie will essentially provide us with information regarding your website usage and the pages you visit. We will then be able to analyze this data to enhance the performance of our website and provide better services to our users. You have the option to approve or decline the cookie. It is common for browsers to by default allow cookies. You may modify the default settings of your browser to permit or prohibit the use of cookies.


Internet-based communication and the applications utilized to deliver services via the Internet are susceptible to a multitude of security vulnerabilities. shall not be liable for any damages or losses, whether indirect or direct, incidental or consequential, special or punitive, that result from or are related to the unauthorized use, modification, deletion, or disclosure of any information, whether or not it is confidential, as a consequence of an unauthorized security breach, system failure, or unauthorized breaking into the system.

Regarding the hardware and software utilized to support and ensure the security of this website, hereby disclaims all warranties, including all implied warranties, fitness for a specific purpose, and incidental, special, direct, or consequential damages. In light of the foregoing,, its officers and employees, partners, affiliates, successors, subsidiaries and assigns, and its third-party agents shall not be liable to you or any other person in any way, directly or indirectly, for any inaccuracies, misuse, errors, hacker attacks, viruses, or misuse that results in the loss of data or services, including but not limited to transmission or delivery interruptions. is replete with hyperlinks to external websites. The links are presented solely for the purpose of providing information and to aid in the discovery of additional resources on the internet. As a result, neither the content nor the privacy policies of such websites shall fall under our jurisdiction.


You agree to abide by our terms and conditions and the terms of this Privacy Statement by accessing and utilizing this website's services. You acknowledge and consent to abide by the terms that regulate the utilization of this website and its services, as well as all information contributed by you and other users. After you have submitted your application along with the required payment, it constitutes your authorization for immigration to continue processing your request for additional approvals. Please refrain from utilizing this website if you hold a contrarian viewpoint regarding any or all of the provisions outlined in this Privacy Statement.

"All debit/credit cards details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, shared, sold, rented or leased to any third parties"

" will not pass any debit/credit card details to third parties"

"As part of its efforts to ensure data security and privacy, employs a variety of hardware and software methodologies." Despite this, we cannot guarantee the security of any information disclosed online (

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