We know how confusing it becoming when you are on a spree to hunt venues for birthday celebrations in Dubai. Be it yours, or a friend’s birthday or a loved one especially kids, it takes quite a lot of effort to narrow down the perfect venues for that perfect day.

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So here we give you “The Top 8 venues for Birthday celebrations in Dubai”. Be it a group or just you and your loved one, hit these places and celebrate in style.

1. La Farine

La Farine has prominent features in cuisines like homemade pastries, crafted cakes by renowned cake artists and an amazing range of award-winning teas. You will enjoy the contemporary set up of a café at this venue where family and friends can come together and enjoy the ultimate gourmet feast. You can also explore a unique range of high-end French products.

2. Ossiano

If you are in a mood to celebrate a birthday in a celebrity style, the Ossiano is your den. A private set up with a spectacular view of the Ambassador Lagoon gives you the perfect atmosphere for your celebrations. You are treated with the best seafood to just melt in and enjoy your day. Your birthday here will be an artistic amalgamation of elegance and grandeur.

3. Ibn Al Bahr

You might wish for a getaway this birthday. And if that is the case, then Ibn Al Bahr which is just a short drive away from the city is the perfect pit stop. You can spend quality time with your friends and family here. You will be treated with quality fresh food along with refreshing drinks. A warm welcome and an undisturbed set up will make your special day memorable.

4. La Carnita

The moment you enter, the vibe will you get will be that of street style. You can expect delicious tacos, fresh beer, crazy cocktails and spicy churros. Through art and music, this place connects with its guest. A dynamic menu serving all favourites on a birthday, the fun and quirky beat at this place will make your birthday celebrations full of frolic.

5. Social House

Let loose and enjoy amazing drinks and food at the Social House in Dubai. You will find a refreshing juice bar and coffee house here. This venue also houses a VIP private room for undisturbed privacy. With The Dubai Fountain impressing your eyeballs nearby and a unique luxurious style of dining, this place makes you feel at home. It’s all about sophistication in a cosy set up at Social House in Dubai.

6. Bagatelle

For that European bend to your celebrations, Bagatelle is your pick. Your birthday celebrations will get a touch of French menu in an American inspired set up. The interiors create a chic atmosphere for that high-end moment on your special day. The ambience is welcoming and infectious making this place a perfect spot on your birthday.

7. Tong Thai

This venue is an award-winning spot. It is known for celebrating both street food and authentic classic dishes. If you are looking for genuine flavors of the region, the Tong Thai is a perfect pick. The authentic Thai chefs curate regional dishes with their secret recipes to make your birthday memorable.

8. Mama Zonia

With bold flavours in culinary dishes oozing out with high decibel music in a jungle- this is the kind of birthday celebration you will have at this place. Located on Floor 2 of Pier 7, his venue will take you to Amazon Jungle with its look, feel, taste and ambience. Exceptional cocktails, roaring jungle beats and upbeat landscape will raise the bar of your birthday celebrations here.

This listicle will help you to choose the perfect spot for birthday celebrations according to your taste and budget. We hope your celebrations get better with this.

Travel Safe!