Embarking on a journey to the UAE from Pakistan is an exciting prospect, and understanding the visa application process is crucial for a seamless experience. Navigating through the requirements and options available for a UAE visa from Pakistan is essential to ensuring a hassle-free trip. This guide will explore the intricacies of applying for a UAE visa, emphasizing the convenience of applying online. Discover the steps and essential information needed to make your application process smooth and efficient.

Do I need a Visa for the UAE?

Pakistani citizens must have a UAE visa when traveling to the UAE. Exploring options for applying for a UAE visit visa from Pakistan is advisable. Know the purpose and duration of your travel. Choose your visa based on this. Be thorough in providing accurate information during the application for a hassle-free experience.

UAE Visa for Pakistani Citizens:

UAE visa for Pakistani citizens are available for multiple days, offering options for single or multiple entries. Go through the types of visas and select the one that best suits you.

  • 96-Hours UAE Visa:

This option permits a 96-hour stay for a single entry and exits within 60 days from the date of issue. Business travelers often utilize them.

  • 7-Day Visa:

Designed for Pakistani nationals who want to spend a brief time in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates for travel, conferences, meetings, or transit, this visa permits a stay of no more than 7 days starting from the arrival date. After the issue date, the visa is valid for another 60 days.

  • 14-Day Single Entry Visa:

Valid for a single entry, this UAE visa from Pakistan allows a stay for 14 days from the arrival date. The visa validity is up to 60 days from the date of issue.

  • 30-days Single Entry Visa:

A 30-day visa for a single entry, offering a stay of 30 days from the date of entry. The visa validity is up to 60 days from the date of issue.

  • 30-days Multiple Entry Visa:

This UAE visa for Pakistani citizens offers a 30-day tourist visa with multiple entries, allowing stays of 30 days per entry until the visa expires. The visa validity is up to 60 days from the date of issue.

  • 60-days Single Entry Visa:

A 60-day tourist visa for a single entry permits a stay of 60 days from the date of entry. The visa validity is up to 60 days from the date of issue.

  • 60-days Multiple Entry Visa:

A 60-day tourist visa with multiple entries, enabling stays of 60 days per entry until the visa expires. The visa validity is up to 60 days from the date of issue.

  • 1 Month Extension - eVisa (Single Arrival):

Extend your stay with the UAE visa from Pakistan, granting an additional 30 days on a single entry. The application process takes only 48 to 72 working hours.

  • 5 Years Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry):

Tailored for extended stays, this visa allows multiple entries for 90 days per visit, enabling recurrent trips within the UAE and neighboring countries. The processing time is 30 working days.

What are the documents required for a UAE visa from Pakistan?

Discover the essential documents required for Pakistani citizens when applying for a UAE visa online. For individuals in Pakistan, make sure to have the following documents prepared for a seamless application process:

  • Passport:

Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months when applying for a UAE visit visa from Pakistan.

  • Scanned Copy:

Provide a clear, scanned copy of your passport, as the quality of supporting documentation is crucial for a successful UAE visa application.

  • Photograph:

Upload a passport-sized photo when applying for a Dubai tourist visa from Pakistan.

  • Copy of Hotel Reservation

If staying with friends/family, include a copy of their Emirates ID card. (for 5 Years Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry) )

  • Round Trip Reservation or Flight Itinerary

This is required for people applying for a 5-year UAE Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry).

  • Travel Insurance

This is required for people applying for a 5-year UAE Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry).

Provide a valid email address when applying for a UAE visit visa from Pakistan, as it is necessary for communication during the payment acknowledgment process. Make sure the applicant has access to a functional email address.

Reviewing the guidelines thoroughly to understand the application process and reasons for potential visa denials is advisable. For any inquiries, Team IUV's 24/7 chat service is available to assist Pakistani citizens in applying for a UAE visit visa from Pakistan.

How to apply for a UAE Visa from Pakistan?

When applying UAE visa from Pakistan, initiate the process by visiting https://www.instauaevisa.org/. Ensure a seamless and swift application experience by following the step-by-step guidelines for applying for a UAE visa from Pakistan.

  • Step 1: Visit Insta UAE Visa (https://www.instauaevisa.org/)
  • Step 2: Select Pakistan as your nationality and the United Arab Emirates as your destination country. Click on the 'Go' tab.
  • Step 3: Complete the UAE visa application for Pakistan

Simply fill in the required information. If traveling with others, add applicants to the same form. Rest assured, your personal details are SSL encrypted for security.

  • Step 4: Verify the provided details.

After completing the online application, confirming all the information submitted is crucial. Take a moment to review the details thoroughly to catch any misspellings or omissions thoroughly. If any errors are identified, make the necessary corrections promptly.

  • Step 5: Make the payment

Complete the payment process after entering all the necessary information. Use a valid credit or debit card for a secure transaction. Additional payment methods are available for a smooth and reliable transaction.

How long is the processing period?

The processing period for UAE visa for Pakistani citizens is generally swift, with all visa types, except the 5-year tourist visa (multiple entries), processed within 48-72 hours. For the 5-year tourist visa, the processing time extends to 30 days. This ensures a quick turnaround for most applicants while allowing ample time for comprehensive processing in the case of the extended 5-year tourist visa.

After Making Secured Payments, How Will I Get My Visa?

Once you've completed the online application form and paid for your UAE visa for Pakistani citizens, you'll promptly receive an acknowledgment at your provided email address. To conveniently track the status of your visa application, visit https://www.instauaevisa.org/track-application.php. This platform allows you to monitor the real-time progress of your application. Additionally, regular email updates will keep you informed about the status of your application.

You will be issued an electronic UAE visa from Pakistan upon approval, delivered to your specified email address. It is essential to carry a copy of this authorized visa during your travels, ensuring a hassle-free and smooth journey to the UAE.

Some Common Tips:

  • Secure your UAE Tourist Visa ahead of time to prevent last-minute inconveniences.
  • Thoroughly review all your documents when applying for a UAE visa online from Pakistan to confirm their accuracy before submitting them.
  • Honesty is paramount in your application, as providing inaccurate information may result in visa rejection.
  • Always carry a copy of your visa during your stay in UAE.
  • If you intend to extend your visit, initiate the extension process before your initial visa expires.
  • Proactive planning and adherence to these guidelines will ensure a smooth and worry-free experience in the UAE.


In conclusion, obtaining a UAE visa from Pakistan is a straightforward process, especially with the convenience of online applications. As you plan your visit to the UAE, staying informed and organized during the visa application process will contribute to a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience. Embrace the excitement of your upcoming adventure with the confidence that comes from understanding the steps to secure your UAE visa from Pakistan. Safe travels!

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