The United Arab Emirates is the most happening place on the globe. This centrepiece offers a huge range of entertainment, activities and sports for visitor and travellers to enjoy and explore. The UAE  is loaded with amazing local food and country-specific cuisines which are curated by world-class chefs. Food is the heart of Dubai. Easy availability of quick bites and dine-in options has made this place the most visited one for many years. Accommodations that suit all pockets are dotted almost everywhere in the UAE. Easy commuting on local transport has given many options to visitors that suit them according to their needs and requirements.

But the icing on the desert is the lucrative visa process. UAE offers 14 days UAE visa, 30 days UAE visa and 60 days UAE visa. It is extremely easy to apply for a 14 days tourist visa online. Most travellers opt for a 14 days UAE visa to experience the hidden secrets of UAE as the UAE 14 days visa fee does not dent the pocket. For a seamless experience on applying 14 days UAE visa online, there can be no better choice the

This blog will guide you towards how you can enjoy your visit to the UAE on a 14 days UAE visa. You can plan your route according to the attractions and the emirates which you can visit to enjoy the same.

Let’s take off.

Burj Al-Arab, Dubai

You can spend all day and night admiring the first man-made island hotel in Dubai. Pillared at a drive of 40 minutes from Dubai International Airport, this iconic structure on the Jumeriah Beach is a royal landmark in Dubai. In the day time, it offers an excellent backdrop for movies, photoshoots and sightseeing. You can also visit the Burj-Al-Arab by booking a table in the most stylish restaurant decked up with azure interiors, the Skyview Bar and restaurant. Dotted with real gold pillars in its interiors, world-class hand made carpets, uber crystal chandeliers and beautifully crafted tile designs- all of this allure the visitors to crave for more.

The hotel is built in the shape of an upright yacht, symbolising the ancient way of travelling and trade. Suites here are decorated with royalty next level. The atrium raises your brow with top and bottom view. The night beauty of Burj-Al-Arab will leave you in awe as it is all lit on the shore of Arabian Gulf. A stroll at one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in Dubai, you will have prestigious neighbours like a wave-shaped hotel Jumeriah Beach Hotel and Burj-Al-Arab.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

If you plan to land at Abu Dhabi International Airport, you will have many reasons to stay there and enjoy the emirate. The most blingy attraction here is undoubtedly the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Washed in white marble with super fine craft in its interiors will be a soulful visit for you. UAE has a habit of creating world records. The mosque rolls out the world’s largest Iranian carpet beautiful enough to leave you awe-struck. The centre of this mesmerising structure glitters with Swarovski chandelier that leaves the shine of its crystals glowing at night. This attraction is a must-visit to witness the wonders of human skills and conversions of the ancient handicrafts. You must pay your visit to the library within the mosque. It holds eminent books on Islamic religion, science, arts, calligraphy, history of UAE and many such more.

Louvre, Abu Dhabi-

Another hot spot in this emirate that is worth admiring the engineering limits of raising a structure.Imperial artwork sourced from around the world is displayed here in the museum. The entire structure of the museum is erected by mind-bending architects and designers. A beautiful amalgamation of different cultures is witnessed here in the amazing artwork along with modern art, early history and contemporary sketching. Serene man-made water patches surrounding the museum act as cooler to the building as UAE temperature soar high in summers.

Jebel Jais, Ras-Al-Khaimah

The highest mountain peak in the UAE is the Jebel Jais mountains. You can enjoy the mighty peaks on the world’s longest zipline in Ras-Al-Khaimah. The rouged hills spiking above the clouds gives trekkers and hikers an adventure of a lifetime. A one hour and 20 minutes drive from Dubai is all that it takes to reach this emirate. The drive itself is extremely thrilling. While you ride up the Jebel Jais, roads snaking their way to the top leave you breathtaking, giving you the feel of the Fast and Furious atmosphere. Recently, the roads have been developed to accommodate travelers driving their way to the mountains for adventure activities. Days are pleasant but nights are chilly here.

Sharjah Arts Museum, Sharjah

This emirate has been christened by the UNESCO as the Cultural Capital of the UAE. The most significant museum in the UAE which is dedicated to Arts is the Sharjah Arts Museum. An hour drive from Dubai International Airport is worth for ancient and art lovers. Museums in the UAE are big and dense learning centres about Islamic Culture and religion. Prominent painters from the Arab world and outside have their artworks displayed here. The place hosts exhibitions throughout the year attracting a large number of art lovers.

Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain-

The second highest point in the UAE is Jebel Hafeet kisses two emirates- Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Due to its proximity to the Hajar Mountains, it is majorly a part of the UAE. A day trip is highly recommended to this summit. You can take the trip from either Abu Dhabi or Al-Ain. Just touching the Omani borders, this place has awesome vistas to offer to its visitors. An hour drive is good to accommodate your travel plans. Abundant desert views await their spectators paired with winding roads towards the top of the cliff.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation, Sharjah

One of the finest museums and learning centres of the the UAE is the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation. Rare manuscripts, well layout exhibits of the Islamic empire in the early ages of Islam and religious documents excite history explorers to dig deep in the structure’s wealth. Situated in Sharjah, the building of the museum is quite spacious to accommodate visitors who wish to sit, relax and spend a good amount of time.

Al-Bidyah Mosque, Fujairah

One of the country’s most important historical sites is the Bidyah Mosque. It is the oldest religious place for worship in the UAE. Standing since 1000 years, this mud structure was once a prominent place in the Islamic Golden era. The mosque is ell built in those time with proper ventilation systems and space to offer namaz. It is stationed in the small village and popularly known as ‘Ottoman Mosque’.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The world record-holding structure is magnetic and majestic in personality. Hailing as one of the most prestigious addresses in the world, this structure has surpassed all engineering and architectural limitations. Spiking above the clouds hovering the blue skies of Dubai, the tower offers an Observation Deck for the curious eyeballs. You can view the spectacular borders of the country when the sand is down. Burj Khalifa is decorated with the Armani’s floaing on one of the floors of the tower. From its suites to its restaurants to its spas to its pools to its residential nests- this metal cone has gained fame and name multifold.

Beaches of the UAE

This country is decorated with pristine beachline, giving the locals and visitors several options for entertainment. You should spend a day or two on the beaches of the UAE for adventurous activities and scenic views. You can see local out there for picnics, family outings, live events and concerts on the beautiful coastlines. Many four and five-star resorts have private beaches. So you have to carefully approach the blue waters to avoid breaching private spaces of patrons.

Deserts of the UAE

Not only the water but the sand of the country has also hidden mysteries beneath itself. And at the same time, it offers high adrenaline sports o make your visit fun-filled. Desert safari’s, dune buggy rides, camping in the sand and enjoying ancint cuisine buffet are some things which should not be missed. Sunrises and sunsets in deserts are great story tellers. A hot air balloon ride can make your entire day.

Al-Bastakia Quarter, Dubai

If you want space away from the city, Al-Bastakia will prove to be a heaven. High rugged mud walls with a small market of its own alongside restaurants and hotel accommodations- it’s an ancient city within a metropolitan city. Recently restored, the early days of the living style of UAE locals is experienced here. Coffee spots and calligraphy lessons are some of the gifts which can be taken away with pride.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

For car and speed lovers, this is a proven haven. Families and groups head to this spot to enjoy speedy fun-filled rides all tutored by Ferrari. For about 2 hours drive from Dubai, this place should not be missed. Booking of tickets in advance is recommended to avoid long queues.

Soak in Souks

When in the UAE, souks are an excellent way to explore trade and commodities available in the country. Ancient style bricked wall alleys are ornated with local spices, local perfumes, attires, souvenirs and the list is too long to write. Just go and you will never regret it. The best way to approach souks in Dubai is through a Dhow Cruise. The most economic water taxi or water transport that will give you a good frame to learn the ways hoe earlier people use to travel and trade.

Your stay in the UAE on a 14 days UAE visit visa will be full of fun and frolic if design your itinerary keeping in mind the above hot spots.

Travel Safe.