Citizens rise in hope after a tough tide of lockdowns. The UAE government launched the ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ campaign to contain the virus. A commanded travel restriction and a huge wave of tests were carried out while the roads and streets were being disinfected. Here you can see curious shoppers coming back to The Mall of Emirates and following social distancing norms.

back to work in uae

  • As the economy starts to open its eyes again, with precautions, the residents hope for a new normal come back. Citizens on their way to work in the Business Bay area.

crosswalk in uae

  • You can see commuters gathering to board buses at Business Bay Metro Station.

Bay Metro Station

  • The front line warriors are these delivery guys who were on their go even in lockdown to deliver food to the residents.

cafe in uae

  • The Gold Souk has started seeing Emirates coming and checking out their favourite.

gold in uae

  • A maze pattern of approaching a public spot like this Urban Metro Station in Deira enables social distancing and safety.

Urban Metro Station in Deira

  • Dubai Mall sees various visitors at the entrance.

dubai mall

  • Food outlets at Dubai Malls witness queues in social distance etiquettes.

Food outlets at Dubai Malls

  • Many companies have encouraged work from home while some return to offices and maintain communication through video calls.

meeting in uae

  • This photo proves that roads have started receiving traffic like here in Deira.

traffic in Deira

  • All spiced up and ready to welcome visitors here in Spice Souk in Deira.

street store in uae


  • This one is so pretty…Curious girls gear up for some bracelet shopping at The Mall of Emirates.

bracelet shopping at The Mall of Emirates

  • Separated sections for employees help in maintaining social distance and practice hygienic methods.

office in uae

  • Mall lovers are happy to be back to their favourite dens while in Dubai- The Mall of Emirates.

The Mall of Emirates

  • Bur Dubai sees cars and cabs snaking their way on a weekday in Dubai.

weekday in Dubai

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