Many who desire to visit UAE are known to have an impression of the requirement of UAE visa to visit. Even if you wish to visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi or any other emirate for that matter, you need a UAE visa that will give access to all the 7 emirates of the UAE.

If you are a US passport holder who wants to visit any emirate of the UAE, you need a UAE visa for US citizen. Buy US citizens can apply for UAE visa online. And for smooth UAE visa services, InstaUAEVisa can support you through a quick and hassle-free process.

Perks that come with the US visa

Considered as the most powerful visa in the world, US visa offers huge perks to its visa holders. Quite many nations exempt visa to US visa holders. And this list is expanding every single day. Sounds tempting as you can travel smoothly. It’s a daunting series of tasks to acquire a US visa.

What could be the possibilities of nations offering such privileges to US visa holders?

Let’s take a look:

  1. Thorough Screening

One of the toughest ones to gain, the US visa process is highly strict. Each applicant is screened thoroughly. You have been scanned well if you get a US visa and it indicates to your clean history.

  1. Roots in your home country are strong

The US department ensures you have strong ties with your home country so that you do not reside there illegally.

  1. Money concerns

Quite an expensive and time-consuming process. US visa requires a huge amount of efforts. Such painstaking processes are very few in the world. Majorly, countries do not even screen properly as the US follows a strict pattern.

UAE visa requirements for US citizens

Make sure you have the required checklist ready before filling the application form of UAE visa. If you are an American citizen, not much is needed while what is required is quite handy. Below are the requirements to follow:

  • Passport- A valid passport having a validity of 6 months from the day you enter UAE is a mandate you need to follow. If the expiry date is nearing, immediately renew your travel document so that you can travel smoothly.
  • Scan copy of the passport- A clear scan document in JPEG format is required while you apply. If the document is unclear, you might face delays and even rejections as well.
  • A passport-sized photograph will be the next important thing you need when American citizens apply for UAE visa online. Please note that a selfie or a group photograph of yours is not acceptable. Having a white background, clearly visible face and a pleasant smile will be the additional points you need to take care while applying for a UAE visa.
  • Valid email address- When US nationals apply for UARE visa online, they are required to have a valid email address where all the official communication regarding the UAE visa application form process will be done. It should be clearly and accurately mentioned in the form.
  • Credit or Debit Card- You will be required to make online payments for visa services. So you should have a valid credit card or a debit card.

Should you be travelling with your family and children, each travelling member should have a separate passport, birth certificate and photograph.

UAE visa processing time

The standard processing time for any type of visa for UAE at Insta UAE visa is 24 – 72 business hours. Visa charges start from $ 189 for 14 days UAE visa.  

Hopefully, things are clearer now. To enter Dubai you need to have a UAE eVisa. Apply UAE visa online at InstaUAEVisa for best and interrupted visa services.

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