Immigration authorities receive several visa applications each year. But only a few of them are through. Many applicants don’t take visa regulations seriously while many others provide false information. In addition to this, there is a heap of reasons for visa rejections. When you apply for any visa, make sure you stay updated with the immigration information and abide by the regulations rolled out by the embassy.

But still, if you couldn’t get through, take a look at the following possible reasons:

Take a look…

Eligibility criteria

Countries around the world have set parameters to cross their respective borders. According to their travel policies and border restrictions, they have implied these criteria. It is very important to know whether your country or nationality falls in place of those criteria or not. If you are not eligible, your visa will get rejected.

Blank forms

Application forms are designed to retain vital information of the applicant. Remember, every space provided to fill in must be duly filled with accurate information. When you leave any space blank, it gives an incomplete message to the embassy about your personal or travel information. Applicants ignore to sign repeatedly. But little do you know that every space is provided with a purpose. Make a note that even if you do not belong to a certain category, fill it up with N/A.

Wrong information submitted

The information in your application is an important key to your profile. Any information mismatch can straight away result in a visa denial. Visa officials have immense experience in ruling out any visa application that contains or displays incorrect or false information about the application. So if you want a visa approval, don’t pass on false information. Any document supporting false information or a fake document will immediately call for visa rejection.

Not enough reasons to support your purpose of travel

This is one of the most prominent reasons for visa rejections. If you wish to pay a visit or go for a vacation, your hotel bookings, accurate travel itinerary and any tickets of attractions booked in advance can be ideal and authentic documents. Absence of a personalized cover letter that clearly states your purpose of visit adds to many doubts in the minds of visa officers. If you plan to visit your family, specify the relationship with your family member and provide enough documentation.

Criminal record

The most crucial and single most reason for visa rejection the presence of a criminal record  of the applicant. If you have committed any past travel violation, you will still be denied a visa.

While applying for UAE Visa online, there are situations or errors too. But technology integrates systems usually don’t accept incorrect formats of a certain information to a limit. Still, if you commit an error in the spelling of name or date of birth or purpose of visit, it can fetch you visa denials. For eg., if you apply for UAE visa online at , you are asked to select from the drop-down menu instead of user-input. Likewise, mistakes happen rarely while filling up your online UAE visa application form.

While filling up the form offline or in physical, the above pointers are vital. Follow them and you are not far away from your approved visa.

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